GPS Tracking

Location independent tracking. Out of Office need not be out of sight

Don’t let your operations tie you down, keep abreast of your dynamic fleet while you are on the move

Why you need GPS Tracking?

Track all your vehicle movements simultaneously, save operational costs with real-time fleet management system by reducing time and fuel expenses to increase productivity

Track Vehicle Real-Time

Fleet Management has become extremely important in today’s fast paced world, with eTrack you can see the location of your vehicle at any given moment

Eliminate Risky Driving

Urgency due to time pressure is a serious concern, and driving dangerously to meet schedules can easily be identified and eliminated

Reduce Maintenance Costs

With eTrack any size fleet of vehicles can easily be tracked for regular maintenances and misuse of vehicles identified easily

All features, no limits

Manage history, reports, events and notifications, remote device control, mobile phone tracking apps and 400+ closely supported GPS trackers.

Real time tracking

It is the best advantage of a GPS based fleet management system, as it allows the verification of authenticity and accuracy of your data

Supply Chain

Drivers can use application to directly report to the server with delivery data instantly using images of documents and goods in real time


The history feature allows you to go back and reconstruct a situation to understand pain points by replaying whatever happened during fleet operations


Many situations occur through the day during operations, but a few need special monitoring, those are marked as events, this helps in focusing on critical issues


Finally to understand and improve your operations, you need to get all your data in the format that is easy to understand and analyse for improvement of operations


Certain operations can improve vastly by getting additional operation critical inputs from your vehicles, we have several sensors that meet those requirements


This marks out the important locations on the map, allowing you to smoothen fleet operations and provide back end support for the fleet team


A very important feature to have where you need to set predetermined routes to alert abuse/ misuse of vehicles for non productive work

Points of Interest

It assists the support teams to make decisions based on your contingency plans when any unexpected situation arises

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